Everyone is welcome to drop in to any meditation class. Suggested donation is $10.  For those new to Zen practice we recommed the Beginners’ Orientation and/or Zen 101. If niether of these options work for you, contact us to schedule an appointment with a teacher.  For your first visit, please plan on arriving 10 to 15 minutes early.

Sunday - 10 to 11:30 AM: Meditation and Dharma Talk
This is our main weekly meeting.  30 minutes of zazen (silent seated meditation), 5 minutes of kinhin (walking meditation), 25  minutes of zazen, followed by a 30 minute Dharma talk and discussion.
First Sunday of each month- 10 to 11:30 AM: Meditation and Chanting Service

A very special, once a month opportunity to practice together.  30 minutes of zazen (silent seated meditation), followed by a 20 minute chanting service.  We finish with informal discussion about liturgy.  In the Zen tradition, liturgy is a practice of making audible what is normally silent.  We blend our voices together as one, reciting wholeheartedly the ancient words of teachers long gone.  These words take on new life as we absorb them, not through the intellect but like Dharma rain, allowing them to wash over us, around us, and through us.  

Last Sunday of each month - 9:15 to 10 AM: Beginners' Orientation
An introduction to meditation postures and techniques.  Get to know our style of practice, our lineage,  and ways to practice at OMZN.
Tuesday - Silent Meditation - Not during Summer -Starting again September 2019

Tuesday: 30 minutes zazen, 5 minutes kinhin, 25 minutes of   zazen.  You can come for the entire hour, or enter/leave during walking meditation at 12:30.
Not during Summer. Will start again in September 2019.

Tuesday - 7 to 8 PM: Refuge Recovery Group
Refuge Recovery is a mindfulness based addiction recovery community that utilizes and practices Buddhist philosophy as the foundation of the recovery process. Founded by Buddhist teacher, Noah Levine, Refuge Recovery has peer-led groups all over the country.  Our meeting format is a guided meditation, followed by a reading from the Refuge Recovery book, and then an open discussion. All are welcome.  By donation.  To learn more about Refuge Recovery, visit this site.  https://www.refugerecovery.org/


Wednesday - 7 to 8:15 PM: Zen Koan and Poetry Salon - Not during Summer -Starting again September 2019

A unique practice opportunity that allows new and experienced meditators a Dharma gate into traditional koan practice.  Koans are awakening stories of Zen masters and their students.  Most dating back to the Golden Age of Zen in 8th century China, they are often very brief encounters, designed to cut through duality and point one towards an awakened experience of the present moment.  Most of the traditional koans are accompanied by poems.  We begin the evening with a brief introduction to a koan and/or poem.  You’re welcome to bring a koan or poem with you to work with and share with the group, or use the one provided by the teacher.  Then we meditate with the koan for 30 minutes in silence.  Following zazen, we enter into an informal discussion about our experience with the koan.  Unlike working one-on-one with a teacher on koans, in this setting there is no “wrong”  or “right”  expression.  This is simply a creative way to practice together.  All are welcome!       

Friday - 12 to 1 PM: Zen Fundamentals

A great offering for those new to Zen practice, or experienced meditators wanting to revisit the early teachings.  A different fundamental teaching of Zen Buddhism will be offered each week.  15 minutes of teaching and discussion, followed by a 15 minute guided meditation.  Walking meditation begins at 12:30, followed by a silent meditation for 20 minutes.  You can come for the entire hour, or enter/leave during walking meditation at 12:30.

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