In Zen practice, extended periods of immersion in meditation are seen as essential along the path.  Zazenkai means “coming together for meditation.”  This is a wonderful opportunity for a full day of deep practice with the support of experienced teachers and a like-minded community.  We practice noble silence for the day.  This allows us to look inward, while still feeling the support of others.  Face to face teachings with the teacher are offered. We encourage you to attend the whole day, but half-day participation is permitted as well.  Experienced meditators and newcomers are all welcome.

9 – 11 AM:                  Silent Meditation (alternate rounds of sitting and walking meditation)
11 to 11:45 AM:         Gentle Yoga Class  (optional participation)
11:45 to 12:30 PM:    Lunch in Silence (Bring a bag lunch)
12:30 to 2:30 PM:      Silent Meditation (alternate rounds of sitting and walking)
2:00 to 3 PM:             Open Discussion

Suggested Donation:  $35

OMZ Members: $20

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