Tuesday, January 16th 7 to 8 PM: Dr Aminah Raheem’s Chakra Tai Chi with Awareness Journal 

Chakra Tai Chi is a 20 minute exercise with movements taken from  traditional Tai Chi. Chakra Tai Chi was developed by Dr Raheem for her students as a means to clear and energize themselves, as well as to monitor their energetic and conscious development.  Traditional movements for each of the seven traditional chakras and one additional one from root to crown is demonstrated and explained. Suggested donation $15.

Tuesday, January 23rd 7 to 8 PM: Seva Stress Release Acupressure with guided Pyramid Meditation and  Awareness Journal.

The SEVA Stress Release can be used for self-care, addressing a wide range of needs, including general relaxation and well being or extreme shock and stress. This workshop does not require previous bodywork experience.  Anyone can learn this simple but effective way to help themselves. Learn through demonstration and hands-on practice. Suggested donation $15.

Tuesday, January 30th 7 to 8 PM: Jet Lag/Insomnia Acupressure Reset Your Body Clock.

Wisdom from the ancient tradition of  acupressure provides us with a simple way to work with the natural ebb and flow of energy in the body to address the disruption of jet lag  or insomnia. Arrive at your destination or arise in the morning feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to go! A pamphlet describes exactly the points and times to use. Come and learn about Horary Points; where      they are and when to use them and how exactly. Suggested donation $15.

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Alvina Quatrano LMT