Saturday, January 27th, 10 AM to 5 PM.
Zen Dialogue is a method of opening a relationship with various parts of the Self that are disowned, as well as those that we are aware of but not clear about. This simple dialogue method helps us get in touch with the reasons behind our actions, and helps us to integrate body and mind while revealing our life purpose. The ultimate aim of the process is to help practitioners integrate their spiritual practice with their life in general, resulting in greater harmony and understanding.  No previous experience with meditation is required.
Sensei Al Rapaport is the Director of Open Mind Zen based in Melbourne, FL.  He has practiced and taught Zen Meditation for 40 years. As President of Open Mind Productions, Sensei produced the landmark Buddhism in America Conferences in Boston, San Diego, Denver and New York City.
He studied with Kozan Roshi, Maezumi Roshi, and Genpo Roshi until moving to Florida in 2001, and received Dharma Transmission within the Soto Zen Lineage from Shuzen Sensei in 2008.
Sensei is the author of Open Mind Zen: A Guide to Meditation, and editor of Buddhism in America.  He is a member of the White Plum Asangha, the American Zen Teachers Association and the Lay Zen Teachers Association.
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