Mondays, April 2, 9, 16, and 23.  7 to 8:15pm

$16 Drop in for each class OR
$50 for the complete course.
FREE for OMZ Members!

In this 4 week course, you will get a broad overview of Zen Buddhism.  We will cover highlights of its rich 2600 years of history, from the life of the Buddha to Zen in the West today.  We will learn fundamental teachings including the 4 Noble Truths, the first teaching of the Buddha, as well as teaching tools unique to Zen like the koan. Koans are brief interactions between Zen teachers and students, designed to direct the student toward a more awakened experience of reality.  Meditation techniques will be taught and practiced each week so that you can begin implementing meditation into your daily life right away.  This course is offered especially for new meditators, but also may be of interest to experienced meditators wanting to learn more, and those that are simply curious about Zen.

Week 1, April 2nd:  A brief history of Buddhism, The Life of Shakyamuni Buddha, The Four Noble Truths, Discussion:  Why are you here?Practice:  Meditation Posture and Breath

Week 2, April 9th:  A brief history of Zen, from Bodhidharma to Dogen to Open Mind Zen
Practice:  Zen forms, breath practice and shikantaza (just sitting)

Week 3, April 16h:  Review, Practice discussion (What’s happening at home when you meditate? Is it working? How can you tell?)  Introduction to the Zen Koan.
Practice:  Breath practice, working with a koan

Week 4, April 23rd:  Review of all techniques covered.  How to move forward.  The 3 Jewels of Buddhism:  Buddha (The Awakened One), Dharma (The teachings on how to awaken), and Sangha (the community that practices together).
Practice:  Review of all covered techniques

**Recommended reading:  Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind by Suzuki and Open Mind Zen, A Guide to Meditation by Al Rapaport (available at the Zen Center for $10.)

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