Open Mind Zen Naples

is a non-profit organization dedicated to offering donation-based meditation and yoga to the Naples community.   Zen is a Japanese word meaning “meditation.”  At Open Mind Zen, meditation is the heart of our practice.  We believe that the core of Zen Practice is realization and actualization of Awakened Mind in everyday life and have found that various methods foster this journey.

In Open Mind Zen practice the student uses his or her own life experience as the laboratory to engage in the experiment of spirituality. This includes working with the mind, body and spirit to see the oneness of all aspects of the Self for a complete experience of freedom and awakening.

We use simple techniques that have been used for thousands of years.  We offer mindfulness meditation as well as traditional Zen training, including koan study.  We also understand that the body is a vehicle on the path, so we incorporate modern forms of yoga.  We are part of an unbroken lineage dating back to the time of Shakyamuni Buddha, over 2500 years ago.  We invite you to join us!  Beginners and experienced meditators are always welcome to drop in to any offering.  

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Intro to Zen, A 4 Week Course

Mondays, April 2, 9, 16, and 23.  7 to 8:15pm $16 Drop in for each class OR $50 for the complete course. FREE for OMZ Members! In this 4 week course, you will get a broad overview of Zen Buddhism.  We will cover highlights of its rich 2600 years of history, from the...

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Demystifying the Zen Koan, with Sensei Al

Saturday, May 12th, 10am to 1pm. The paradoxical nature of Zen koans has fascinated and perplexed Westerners since Zen first was popularized during the 1960's. In this workshop, we'll seek to demystify koan work through meditation and group discussion, showing how...

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